Leader’s Corner: The classic story

A scintillating story of a boy who goes through the rocky patches of life, Why? Get Answers.

His life goes full circle with his Actual birth – The birth of a leader. 

In the leader’s birth, his dreams and passions make him realize his previous births, that of a bird, a priest, oxen, a warrior, and a few others.

The story brings the boy to the world of great teachings and immaculate power to lead his present life with grand success.

Insights you gain from the book that will help you grow in each phase of real-life.

“Leader’s corner” will help you crack more deals, win more arguments, win more people, help understand tricky situations in actual life. 

Make you know the power of habits, how to be more productive, gain more promotions, be responsible, be courageous, and adapt to extreme changes and come out as a winner every time.

This book will not tell you to dream. It will reveal how to achieve your dreams and be a leader at every stage of your life. Make your mind future-ready for your life’s critical situations that will have a multiplier effect on your growth and stature wherever you are.

This book will help you understand the psychology and thought process of a leader. In whatever position you are, after reading this book, you will act and perform as a leader. You will take advantage of the situations you missed earlier. You will break through the barriers where you have stuck for years with no reason.

You will become an excellent strategist and steal the show in all avenues of your life by implementing given ideas.
It is a way of leading emotions and feelings, “the motherhood way.”
“Being to Leader’s corner will help all Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Tech-Owners, Senior, and Middle-level managers to have better command overwork, situations, people, and networks.”

All management students, youngsters, and forward-looking people who have a zeal and inclination to grow and succeed will have immense learning on how to build and act, how to have better preparation, and face the world with courage and determination.

Every step and procedure mentioned in the book will help you realize and compare it with your real-life, which you will be able to understand and make remarkable changes to them for the ultimate success of your life. 

“Wherever you are, learn to make it big in life, despite all odds.”

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